Cloud PBX

Project Description

Cloud IP-PBX is a unique opportunity to become the owner of your cloud solution with powerful and flexible administration. You are ready to operate virtual PBX, which is only in your control.

You don’t need to create a special infrastructure, build communication channels and purchase expensive equipment. Just connect to the Internet!

Project Details

Date: In Progress
Skills: Branding, Web Design, Cloud PBX, Docker, Asterisk , PHP, MySQL

Multi tenant

Multi Tenant PBX is an advanced IP PBX platform allowing service providers stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace. A Multi tenant PBX is capable of serving multiple distinct clients with a single instance of the software. In other words, each client has a dedicated PBX, but all of them share the same server and the same asterisk instance.

Service providers can start with low initial investment because of Multi Tenant PBX competitive prices and flexible licensing terms.

Real-time PBX

Enterprise system administrators can monitor calls and track billing by extensions in real-time. Ensuring higher successful call ratio becomes simpler with the advanced features of multiple trunk line support, failover mechanism and least-cost routing.

A Realtime PBX uses a database instead of plain files and configuration is read in real-time, from the database, only when needed. Every change to the configuration is made in the database and it is immediately active, without the need for a reload.

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